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All access to the Internet shall be for business/study purposes only.

Internet access relating to sexually explicit material, violent images or graphics, racist material and Internet activity relating to "Computer Hacking", illegal downloading and illegal access into other Company's sites is strictly prohibited.

Access and use of this material will result in severe disciplinary action. No online activity, which could bring the ICMS into disrepute, is permitted. Such activity may be deemed gross misconduct and as such could result in dismissal.

The College retains ownership of all information and data on the network and reserves the right to monitor and review an individuals’ usage of the Internet without prior notice.

The College may alter College rules and regulations at any time without prior notification. Students will be advised of such changes as soon as is practicably possible.

All ICMS students are given a daily internet quota, all ICMS sites (such as Avantis, Moodle etc) are quota-free and will not count against your daily usage.

One GB (or gigabyte) is equal to 1000MB (megabytes).

The websites NOT affected by or counted towards the quota are listed below.

These sites can still be accessed EVEN if a quota has been exceeded - Moodle - Avantis, Student Management System - Main ICMS Website - Student Website - ICMS IT Helpdesk - ICMS Student Email - Outlook - ICMS Student Documents - OneDrive - Assignment Hand-In - Dictionary and Encyclopedia

Name View
MySQL Views Form
ICMS Website
ICMS Helpdesk
Turnitin Website - Assignment Hand-In
Oxford Reference - Dictionary and Encyclopedia
Student Home - ICMS Website
ICMS Student Email - Outlook
ICMS Student Documents - OneDrive