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During a student's enrollment, copies of admission and academic records are scanned and uploaded to the one of the following ICMS electronic systems...

  1. AVANTIS [student management system];
  2. ICMS Management Portal;
  3. Centralis [Client Relationship Management system];
  4. ICMS Admissions Portal.

The database is backed-up daily, weekly and monthly via the main file server. Each monthly back-up is taken off-campus and locked in a fireproof safe. An annual back up (by calendar) replaces the monthly back-up tapes at this off-site location. Academic records are archived in this format indefinitely.

A student's academic record may contain, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Academic record (the record of a student's academic results)
  • Statement of attendance
  • Statement of attainment (vocational students only)
  • Examination results
  • Class attendance log books
  • Industry training performance reports

A student's personal record may contain, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Application form plus all supporting documentation (high school transcripts, university and college transcripts, character and professional references, medical certificates, letter of application)
  • Correspondence pertaining to a student's professional conduct
  • Correspondence relating to any complaint, appeal, etc.
  • Certificate of achievement for extra-curricular activities
  • Student contact details
  • Emergency contacts