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The AC&G Committee is a sub-committee of the ICMS Academic Senate and the authority for making determinations on appeals, conduct and grievances for the students and staff of ICMS.

The Committee Members

The full Committee membership consists of:

  • The Chair of Academic Appeals, Conduct & Grievances Committee
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Operations)
  • Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning)
  • Heads of School
  • Academic Program Coordinators
  • Registrar
  • Deputy Registrar
  • Operations Manager
  • Head of Academic Learning Centre
  • Vice President – People, Development & Executive Manager


The Chair AC&G determines which members are to sit on a committee based on the nature of the request in front of the Committee at the time.

The A,C&G Committee meets when necessary to make a determination on a request for appeal, breach of conduct or grievance resolution.

A minimum of five members is required to convene the Committee.

In order to uphold impartiality, should a member of the Committee be involved in a matter before the Committee, or have a conflict of interest, that member is required to stand down as a voting member for that case.

The Chairperson holds the authority to make executive decisions from time to time regarding cases where convening the Committee is not deemed necessary or expedient.

Decisions of the Committee must be ratified by a majority vote from the Committee.

The determinations of the Committee are recorded and made available to all involved parties. They are placed on ICMS student or staff records as relevant.

The general reason for the policy is to provide a streamlined and coherent set of guidelines for dispute resolution on all academic matters. Its intent is to provide a flexible process where an aggrieved person is able to follow a chain of command process in pursuit of a determination. It is expected that by doing so, the vast majority of issues can be solved by consultation at the earliest stages of the process.

The committee makes determinations for all current staff and students on requests for appeal, misconduct and grievances

The procedures comprising the policy do not limit any rights to action under consumer protection laws, or circumscribe rights to other legal remedies. Neither do the procedures replace or modify the procedures or responsibilities that arise under state law, or other statutory sources, or policies related to the provision of higher education.

Term Definition
A, C & G Appeals, Conduct & Grievance
Appeal A resort to a higher authority for sanction, corroboration, or a decision
Conduct Behaviour conforming to prevailing standards, regulations or laws
Grievance Any complaint that requires a response from the College
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